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Spill the tea with Cheri and friends as they discuss the latest in pop culture, music, celebrities and movies! 

Jul 27, 2018

Hi Pop Tea Nation - This is Drew Adams producer of the Pop Tea podcast. Its July 27, 2018 and I have been taking a bit of a summer break here. I have been at Podcast Movement this week learning new tips and tricks and Cheri in New York City.  While we are taking this summer break, we wanted to drop this special bonus episode. There are two parts to it. First is the interview we did with Seth from the ITBinsider.  He told us his first hand account of attending the now infamously mismanaged Fyre Festival. He tells us what is was like to go to the island, what he saw when he got there and the hair raising story of trying to get back.  After that, I have included an excerpt of our very first episode, Episode 0, which is no longer in our feed. In this excerpt, Cheri introduces and interviews Derek and then they debate Kendrick vs Drake - what qualifies someone as the best rapper of all time?  We are almost a year in now and its fun to look back at these first moments.

Enjoy this Best Of episode and we will see you next week when Cheri and friends return to spill the tea.